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Applying is as easy as 1-2-3...

1. View our selection of great properties.

Yearly Leasing homes are unfurnished and require a minimum 12-month lease.

9-Month/Winter homes are furnished and available from September to June.


2. Online Application


3. Use the Rental Application Checklist and Requirements form to make sure you are providing all the required supporting documentation.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • An online application is required for each tenant and their cosigner.
  • Each student applicant requires a co-signer.
  • A credit and reference check fee of $35.00 applies each tenant/cosigner combination.
  • Please cross-reference all prospective occupants.
  • Cosigners must cross-reference the name of the prospective tenant and the address of the first choice.
  • Include second and third choice of properties on the online application.
  • NO ANIMALS are not allowed. Owners have a zero tolerance policy and violations will result in a notice to perform covenants or quit.
  • One person per bedroom is allowed for all Winter/9-Month Rentals. There are some exceptions for Executive Housing and nuclear families.
  • If you have filled out an application on a property, you do NOT need to fill out another application (if within the same calendar year). Please email the Leasing Agent you name, property choice and names of roommates.
  • Once approved, the full security deposit and a $75 lease application fee must be paid within 48 hours by cashier’s check or money order, or the next qualified approved applicant may acquire the property
  • While we try to accommodate all potential tenants, filling out an application does not guarantee you the property. Approval is based on qualifications and owner approval.
  • Move-in dates are flexible and begin September 15th - 20th , 2014
  • Move-in dates can be any day but Sunday
  • Water and trash service is paid by landlord (if excessively used additional charges may apply)
  • Gas and electric service is estimated at $50 per bedroom and is an additional charge, not included in the monthly rent. If gas and electric service exceeds the amount of $50 per bedroom, you will be notified of the additional monthly charges

  • Tenant arranges for cable and internet setup and pays the bill. No dish installation allowed.

  • Utility Charges: Tenant will need to pay all utility charges in excess of the estimated $50 per bedroom, this amount is considered part of the monthly charges due on the 1st of the month. Tenant is to pay any utility charges in excess of this listed monthly utility amount before the end of the lease term. Any outstanding utility charges at the end of the lease will be charged to the security deposit and any overpayments will be credited back to the tenant. Example: Estimated utility charges are $150 per month. Monthly actual charges are $178.56. Tenant is responsible to pay the $28.56 difference. If monthly charges are $125.00, tenant will be credited back $25.00. These amounts will be reconciled at the end of the lease term. However, Burr White reserves the right to have tenant pay any large utility overages during the lease term if charges start to accumulate and total $250.00 over and above the estimated monthly amounts.

  • Fee Schedule:

    • With Application

      • Credit Check Fee (run on every tenant and co-signer) $35.00

    • Upon Approval

      • Application Fee (only one fee collected per property) $75.00

      • Security Deposit, as stated.

    • Move-In

      • Full month’s rent, plus utilities

    • First of the month following move-in

      • Prorated rent and utilities

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